Shenandoah Plantation Quail

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 8.48.01 AMBob is back in Union Springs, Alabama at Shenandoah Plantation! The beautiful plantation is gorgeous and we’re here for a great time!

Shenandoah Plantation is located in the heart of the famous Alabama Blackbelt, just West of Union Springs, Alabama. Herb Holmes, a famous bird dog trainer, used the property as training grounds for his bird dog training operation. Union Springs is considered the Field Trial capital of the world and is famous in its own right for world class birddogs and quail hunting. In 1991 the training grounds were purchased and developed into what became known as Shenandoah Plantation by a gentleman named Fred Rowen. Fred enlisted the help of Herb Holmes to help design and build the facilities which included the main house, a small 2 bedroom guest house, 3 lakes, horse barn, dog kennel, tennis court and flight pen. This is when the property first became known as Shenandoah Plantation.

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