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Deer Prep 2021

It’s getting time for deer season in South Carolina and Bob is working on his property for another exciting time of harvesting a good buck. Unfortunately, he has a big problem with hogs and needs to take care of that first. Bob will discuss ways to help with a hog problem and introduce you to a product that may help landowners facing the same issue. Plus later in the show we head over to our good friends at Mixon Seeds to talk about planting food plots.

Pig Brig
Mixon Seed

Cedar Knoll Hunting

In this episode we travel to Allendale, South Carolina to visit our old friend Hayward Simmons at Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge and Lakeview Plantation. First we’ll try to plink a big hog in the evening, then in the morning, head out for some quail hunting.

Youth Crossbow Hog Hunt in Lodge, South Carolina

This week Bob will be in the Lowcountry of South Carolina with Maddie Reeves on her first wild hog hunt. Maddie is a participant in 3 of SCDNR’s Youth Outreach Programs…. Youth Archery, Scholastic Clay Shooting Sports, and Take One Make One. Tune in and see if 10 year old Maddie can bag her first wild hog with a crossbow.

Hog Hunt: SCDNR & Take One Make One

1909378_443587739078184_1575521375_oThis week Bob will feature the new Browning BAR Hog Stalker .308, and put it in the hands of a young hunter who is a part of the SCDNR Youth Hunting Program “Take One Make One.” Don’t miss Bob and first time hog hunter Keith Black as they try to harvest his first wild boar hog. Don’t miss a single second of this week’s action packed program!