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Certified SC Grown Fried Peanuts

Certified SC Grown Fried Peanuts

By: Blanche Weathers


  • Deep fryer
  • Peanut oil
  • 4 cups Certified SC Grown raw shelled peanuts
  • Sea salt
  • Newspaper/Paper towels


Heat oil in a deep fryer to 375 degrees F.

Cook peanuts in preheated oil until fragrant and hot, about 3-4 minutes. Transfer to paper-towel (or newspaper) lined plates to drain. Season peanuts with sea salt. Store in airtight container.

Charcuterie and Cheese Board | The Sportsman’s Table

Val Criswell of Peck Away Cafe shows how easy it is to make her Charcuterie and Cheese Board with great SC Certified products.

Peck Away Cafe

Charcuterie & Cheese Board

Meats & Cheeses
Your choice of meats & cheeses. 3oz per person for appetizer. 6 oz per person for a meal.

Options include toasted baguette slices, buttery crackers, whole grain crackers, pretzel chips, bagel chips, flatbread.

Other Add-ins
Options include pickled or fermented vegetables, olives, in-season fresh fruit, dried fruit, jams, honey, whole grain mustard, pesto, & nuts.

Tips for choosing and displaying items

  • Make your board as simple or as adventurous as you like.
  • Include a variety of savory and sweet options.
  • Incorporate both hard and soft cheeses.
  • Use the Internet (Google and Pinterest) for display ideas.
  • Look around your home for a variety of unlikely items to use for your board including baskets and trays.

Products used in demo:

  • Mountain Sharp Cheddar
    (Ashe County Cheese – Jefferson, NC)
  • Garlic, Parsley & Chive
    (Ashe County Cheese – Jefferson, NC)
  • Provolone
    (Andrew & Everette)
  • Clemson Blue Cheese
    (Clemson, SC)
  • Sweet Sopressata
    (San Guiseppe Salami Co. – Elon, NC)
  • Uncured Pepperoni
  • Raw Honey w/ Flake Salt
    (Uncle Jim’s Honey – Latta, SC)
  • Strawberry Chipotle Jam
    (Emily G’s – Dunwoody, GA)
  • Sweet Pepper Relish
    (Doux South – Atlanta, GA)
  • Sea Salt Flatbread Crackers
    (The Accidental Baker – Hillsborough, NC)
  • Praline Pecans
    (Young Plantations – Florence, SC)