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Lake Wateree Stripers

Bob heads to Lake Wateree in South Carolina, for some late fall striper fishing. Joining Bob is guide Craig Price, from Fish On Guide Service!

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[Host] On this weeks Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magazine.. Bob heads to Lake Wateree in South Carolina, for some late fall striper fishing. Joining Bob will be guide Craig Price, from fish on guide service! Plus on this weeks sportsmens table, we feature another South Carolina certified recipe from Deck 383 in Murell’s Inlet! All this and whole lot more! And it begins right now!

[Bob] Oooo weeee yes its been a great day!

[Bob] I shot this hard!

[Bob] Look at that, wow! Let me hold that thing!

[Hunting Partner] Nice!

[Bob] Oh Craig fish on brother fish on! Fish on, okay! Hoo! Ha ha! Wow! Mm! Mm! Mm! Mm! Mmm! Well folks listen welcome to our show this week! I tell you what its no joke, Okay, its November. We are in South Carolina on Lake Wateree, haven’t fished down here in well forever and I gotta tell you my good friend Craig Price with Fish On, he has brought us down here to catch some stripe and I will tell you! You know Craig? You know the odd thing about it? Look at there! Huh? Look at that thing! All right! Nice one, nice one! You know one of the great things, that folks really enjoy, is fishing in the fog.

[Craig] You’re really happy this morning!

Folks we left the house about five o’ clock this morning Craig wanted to get an early start okay. You know these fishing guides it’s their early bite, always okay. And we have been motoring in this fog this morning, I got you really kind of enjoying the trip! About 37 degrees when we started out! Mm oh its a..we’re good right here! Lookee here! Come here! Come here, come here! Come here, I’ve got you! Okay, okay, okay, I’m just gonna let you go! I’m just gonna let you go! You’re just going to get let go! Okay! All right! Oh man! What did you think?

It’s a start!

Yes sir it is! All right!

Man he eating that!

Mm hmm, man I tell you what, you know, these, the stripe down here have been running here what for about a month?



And really the fishing..you want to let him go?


Yeah let’s just let him go. Let somebody else catch him. Get in there buddy, get on in there. All right, they’ve been running well over a month down here schooling up so.. I have to tell you Wateree is a beautiful fishery really, it really is actually and you know where there was one there gotta be a lot more okay?

Well you can see it, it’s beautiful!

Yeah! Well you can see it! Well I know, Well I’m just kind of glad that the suns coming out and warming us up just a tan! Cause, its been a little bit brisk! Ha ha Haaaaaa!

Fish on Craig, fish on brother, Man oh man, ah mm mm mm mmm mmmmm…. Well the fogs hopefully getting out of here and you know how I say hope is never a method. But this morning that’s the best that we could do! I tell you what you talk about soup sandwich mm! Mm mm mmm! Ooooo hooo hooo! Oh!

Hopefully they couldn’t see any better than we can..


I don’t know! mmm!

That’s a better fish, man!

Oh that is! No sir, we don’t have nets on this boat!

No nets?

No sir! Oh yeah!

[Bob] I think I can get him hang on here. Oh yeah that is a little better fish. Come here homer, I tell you what you hold the rod and I’ll do the, I’ll do the honors! Come here, come on, ah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! Come on, just hold on, I know I want to get you up here to show you off and we’re just going to let you go. Yeah we’re just going to let you go. Hang on. We’re just gonna let you go. Oh yeah! Nice fat striper right there! Oh yeah! Whoo hoo! Uh huh! Mmmmm!

Yeah! Wateree South Carolina folks, right here! Mmm! Water temperature about 58 I guess? That’s what it’s looking at. All right we’ll let you go! All right now!

[Bob] All right man let me get that one rod out the way! this is yours! All right, get him, get him, get him! Get him, get him, get him! Mm!

[Craig] I was just getting ready to run some..

I know you was!

Planer board out there!

Oh boy I tell you what, you know good thing is with a big hold like this the bait, the bait’s strong today!

Yeah yeah..

[Bob] You know?

Yeah yeah that makes it nice! I think oh no, it just came at me!

You get him? Try to get them other ones out the way?

Well let me see here..

[Bob] How many pulls you pulling these things?

Is that the freeline? Yeah I’m putting about twenty five, thirty pulls on that.

Are you Okay, way out there.

Get in on back! Oh wow! Uh!

Come here junior!

[Bob] Oh!

Okay slow down

[Bob] Yeah you getting him?

See if I could keep from sticking the hook in my hand.

All right get him. Here, I got the rod.

Usually when I get on TV I usually do at least one dumb thing!

Well not today!

Every time!

Man the fog just cleared, I mean you know.

Maybe that was my dumb thing for today!

Nah man I tell you what, you doing good bro! Doing good! Mmm hmmm! Now look, we’re gonna take just a second and tell everybody about your guide service okay? Cause, now folks you’ve seen Craig on the show over the last several years. He is a guide out of North Carolina and we fish a good bit up there with him. But he also brings his clients down here to South Carolina, to Lake Murray, to Lake Wateree.. Well, I’ll let you tell them the rest. Okay?

Yeah that’s right, I mean really Lake Wateree is a continuation of the Catawba River which I live on up at Lake Norman. And technically it is the Wateree River down here but it all flows into Santi Cooper and they’re just you know nutrient rich, bait rich lakes. And they grow lot of stripers down here and my customers enjoy coming down, fishing somewhere different and got a much higher creole down here. So, if they are inclined then put meat in the boat if not then we catch a lot of fish, release them and catch them again the next time!

But we love having you guys down here okay? And I tell you what, I really like this cause I’m only thirty minutes from my house! Oh man, all right lets get it back in the water! Mm!

[Host] Stay tuned, when we come back more striper fishing from Lake Wateree!

[Host] Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magazine is being brought to you today by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Life’s just better outdoors! Abu Garcia, Abu Garcia, for life! By Ranger Boats. Still building legends one at a time! By Browning Ammunition. Browning, the best there is! And by Southern Woods Plantation, voted as one of the top quail hunting destinations in America!

[Bob] We another one buddy! Oh yeah yeah!

[Craig] Plane her on board Bob!

Okay hahaha!

You got him?

I think so!

I don’t know if that board released I’ll have to get it loose..

That’s okay.

I’ll stop reeling, let me get up there. there we go, reel down. All right. Stay on?

[Bob] I think he did you know, he wasn’t one of the bigger ones we caught today but that’s okay, yeah you know? Now that the fog is cleared. Mm! All right we are just going to go let you take your picture.

[Craig] Well, oh, got another one on right!

All right get him, get him..

Aw, it came off

Oh no!

He broke, he broke the line.

Did he break.. Oh my goodness, that could have been the horse we were looking for!

That’s the guides fault!

Yeah right, I don’t think so though, I don’t think so. Now that ain’t a picture? Look at that, he wanted that gizzard shed big time huh he wanted big.. Gosh, that gizzard shed almost big as he was. Look at that folks, look at that!

[Craig] There’s some fish right here.

Yeah man, yeah there are, get on back in there! And I’ll let you have the gizzard shed. All right ah! Mm, there we go! Hoo hoo! You know folks I gotta tell you about what we’re fishing with today and I’m going to leave this one in here. This is the Shakespeare ugly stick striper rod matched with the striper special reel from Abu Garcia. Now I’ve got it wound with twenty pound Berkeley braid. And this is just a great combination, I tell you what! I’ll take it out of here, just gingerly. But this is a great rod, for doing exactly what we’re doing today. Okay, for the good folks at Pure Fishing, Abu Garcia the striper special and the ugly stick striper right here. I tell you what these are just awesome combination. Okay, all right Craig.

[Craig] Well, I don’t know if you can see this fish again but it’s certainly worth circling around here.

Plus they’ve been kind of up towards the top today.

Yeah, yeah.

You know this one interesting thing about down here and even some of the other South Carolina lakes is you know we’re out in the middle of the river channel but its still only thirty feet deep.

Yeah yeah I know.

Those fish will feed up in the upper part of the water column even under bright conditions.

[Bob] All right Craig, fish on! Hoo hoo hooo hoooo!

[Craig] There you go, finally got one on that damn rod!

Oh that damn rod, yeah man! Oh!

[Craig] Oh oh just had another bob on me!

Oh that striper special? Mm. Okay?

[Craig] Yeah that was a good little pot of fish right here.

Yeah, okay. Oh man, yeah..

[Craig] Oh yeah another, let me get in here..

There you go let me back up again, that’s good, okay.

[Craig] Come here buddy!

[Bob] Hoo hoo hoo! Uh!

[Craig] He ready on the hot rod!

[Bob] Okay!

[Craig] Easy

[Bob] Mm hmmm…. Well you know I tell you its just been kind of this side and then this side you know we’re lightly trawling here today folks I mean I’m moving.. I got the trawling motor set on about five, light and variable winds and really you know the conditions are just bright. Other than when we started earlier today this morning.

There you go!

Yeah man yeah! Other than when we started this morning gosh it was foggy you couldn’t even see two feet in front of yourself you know? But, I guess..

We do it again?

Yeah let’s get her re-baiting man! You know its just..and these are good quality fish, when you think about it Craig!

I’ll take them.

Yeah man. All day long! Huh! You know I’m so glad you talked me into coming fishing today, you know that?

Well its good to have options you know?

Always good to have options you know? Mmmm! Mm mm mmmmm! Planer board on the left, planer board on the right, drifters in the back and down rods in the front.

Yup, cause we originally talked about going small mouth fishing

I know!

And we’re going to do that!

And we are going to do that okay I could tell you. On a later episode we’re going to head up to Lake Lure, Lake James, this guys going to put us up on some small mouth up in North Carolina. So, you just like Paul though you do it all! Huh? Mmm mmm!

Yeah, its fun to break up the monotony of doing the same thing on the same lake all the time, you know?

Oh yeah yeah, yeah, well you know one of the great things you know I get a chance to course be in destination is our thing every week we get the chance to meet up with so many guides. And I have to say that on camera; one of the big true testaments of what our viewers watch is guides and they watch their body language and its one of those questions.. Can I fish with that guy on that boat all day long? And you’re one of those special guides okay? You just have a great demeanor, you’re very patient okay? Whether it’s..they want to bring their wives, they want to bring their kids. Whatever they’re bass fisherman, okay they’re bassholes? Hah? Man you’ll even fish them too so, just go to Bob stop sixteen and you’ll find Fish On’s guide service right there. Contact Craig and come on, I’ll tell you what. There is no telling where he’s going to take you fishing okay? Yeah!

[Host] Coming up next! We head to deck 383 in Murells Inlet for another great South Carolina certified recipe!

[Host] The Sportsman’s Table is brought to you by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture Whether you live in South Carolina or out of state be sure to buy South Carolina grown meats, vegetables and fruits! Make sure your food is South Carolina certified its a matter of taste!

[Bob] Folks welcome to this weeks edition of the Sportsman’s Table. We are here at Deck 383 on the beautiful Waccamaw river right in Murrells inlet and joining me today is my guest chef, is Tom Mellali. He is well I tell you what he is a chef instructor good friend of our shows and he always produces a great recipe! Right here at deck 383 here my friend!

[Chef Tom] Well Bob, how are you sir?

Well welcome back!

Thank you very much!

Okay what do you got for us this week?

Little fresh local Berkshire pork we’re going to go pork tenderloin today the Cadillac of the cut of meats on the pig.

Oh, okay.

And as you know us chefs have a deep respect for the pig.

Oh yeah!

We’re in the south you gotta go a little pig in your diet you know how that runs.

I know.

So no bland food allowed, we’re going to lightly season it with some salt and pepper.

Oh yeah.

Again, this is pork tenderloin, very tasty.

[Bob] Now, you know Tom I have to ask you is this something I know you do straight catering you do catering all around Murrell Beach.

I do, I do.

Is this kind of a staple dish that the folks like?

Yeah it’s extremely popular for sure and again it’s the best cut of the pork..

I got you.

So that, always popular goes well with many different items. You could change your starch up as you know, you could have roasted potatoes, rice, rissoto whatever your cravings happen to be that day. But always fresh and local, that’s how we roll.

There you go, how long will you gonna cook this bit?

We’re gonna sear all sides, it’s probably going to take about two to three minutes to sear all sides and then after that this is a little thicker cut. We are going to finish it off in the oven and then we will be ready to plate it up.


You want to get that nice golden dark brown in there. By searing meat it holds in the juices, it acts as an insulation so that the meat stays nice and tender for us.

[Chef Tom] Okay Bob, it look’s like it’s ready to go. Let’s start plating.

[Bob] MM man, pork tenderloin I tell you. You know, great cut of that, course you, you just know, just how to cut it too.

[Chef Tom] I do, I like going at an angle like this on a slight bias, it makes it a little bit easier to fan it. And me personally I don’t want my pork well done but then again we don’t want to have it mid rare as well. So I kind of like a little pink in my pork, like medium to mid-well. So it’s not dried, and this is some local rice we’re big on rice here in the south and I, I chopped a little fresh basil in there

[Bob] Oh wow!

And now we are going to fan our pork tenderloin.

[Bob] Mmm!

Again you can see just a little pink in there it’s a nice medium that’s definitely the way I like it so it stays nice and moist not too dry. And as you can see Bob the plate is starting to come alive. Got fresh and roasted red and yellow bell peppers, a little broccoli, porchini mushrooms and naturally the vegetable that is a little of a personal preference. You can change things up along the way, whatever tickles your fancy so to speak.

[Bob] Mmm!

It’s really coming alive and again the color of the vegetables I feel just really add to it. They.. eat with the eyes first so you want to have a nice beautiful plate presentation. This is a little red wine sauce, going to go really nice. We’re going to drizzle that right behind the pork. And as you can tell the plate starts to come alive, and that’s our finished product!

And that’s why you’re a chef huh?

That’s it, that’s it.

Tom thanks again for a great menu..

Thank you Bob

I, you know I tell you, its always awesome okay when you’re talking about certified SC grown okay? And folks you want some great items on the menu? Come on down to Waccamaw river right here at Deck 383, they got all the great things cooking right here for you. As well as all of the great certified SC grown produce that you can find all across the south and South Carolina. Well remember, log onto certifiedscgrown.com and see what’s fresh on your menu. And we’ll be right back here again next week with another great recipe on the Sportsman’s table.

[Host] To find out more information on food that’s fresher and tastier go online at certifiedscgrown.com Buy certified South Carolina grown products its a matter of taste!

[Host] Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magazine is being brought to you today by Chevrolet The official vehicle of Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magazine. By the South Carolina Agriculture Department Its a matter of taste! By Browning, Browning, the best there is! By South Carolina Embroidery and Screenprinting. And by the Wacca Wache Marina and Deck 383. Located on the Waccamaw river in Murells Inlet South Carolina.

[Bob] Fish on Craig, fish on buddy,

[Craig] Fish on!

Hoo hoo hoo! Oh yeah! Uh! You know I tell you what we’ve been having planer boards on both sides now.

[Craig] Yeah.

Look at that! Okay! Well maybe we’ll take them any way we can get them here. Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmmmmm! Come on, come on up here!

Well Craig I have to ask you if folks want to come fishing with you now I can tell you folks log onto bobredfern.com go to Bob’s top sixteen. You’re going to find Craig and his guide service. Craig, if they want to get a hold of you tell them how they can do that.

It’s Fish On Guide Services Denver North Carolina fishonguideservices.com

Whoo hoo!


I’m telling you!

[Craig] Let me get that board loose and throw it.

[Bob] Okay, oh no he didn’t.

[Craig] Oh that might be a better fish.

He’s not bad.

He’s just sinching on the poles

Yeah he is not bad my friend look at that! Mmm! mmm mmm mmm mmm mmmmm! And as I get this thing up here.. And folks I’d like to tell you you know as I always like to tell you every week the outdoors is truly my passion and I want it to be yours too. And as soon as I get this.. Oh yeah! Nice fish! Mmmmm!

[Craig] Oh I thought you was pulling on it.. I saw it jerk up and down.

[Bob] Yeah look at that Mmm mmmm uh!

Easy junior..

[Bob] That’s what I’m talking about gosh!

Easy junior…

[Bob] Although we are releasing these things okay? These make some nice eaters!

Oh yes.

[Bob] You know?

This is good eating size.

[Bob] Mmmm Hmmmm! Mmmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmmmm! Ah get him up here bro get him up here! Oh boy! Again folks..


Oh! Oh the transfer made it come on!

The outdoors is our passion fish, okay!? great fishing is today! From Wateree South Carolina! Craig Price at Fish On Guide Service. Folks we’ll see you next week on another episode of Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magazine. We got time for more don’t we!?

Well oh why not?

Okay all right bro come on. Aaah haaa!

We won’t leave them biting..

Wateree Shooting Complex

watereerange1lgThis week we’re in South Carolina at the Wateree Range. A newly renovated skeet and sporting clays range in South Carolina!

The Wateree Range is a supervised range in Richland County that is owned and operated by SCDNR. The range currently only offers shotgun sports: including skeet, trap, five-stand, and sporting clays. There is a minimal charge of $5 per 25 clays (credit or debit card only). The sporting clays course offers eight stations, which wrap around a 100-foot tower providing unique target presentations. The cost to shoot the sporting clay course is $10. Visitors under the age of 16 must be under the direct supervision of an adult.